Terms & Conditions of Hire


1. All applications for the hire of a room or rooms, or activity field at the Inns At Rowarth must be made in writing on the prescribed form. The person by whom the application form is signed shall be considered the hirer. Where a promoting organisation is named in the application form, that organisation shall also be considered the hirer and it or its members shall be jointly liable with the persons who sign the form under these conditions.

2. The Inns At Rowarth Management Committee reserves the right to refuse any application to hire part or all of the Centre, without stating reasons for doing so.

3. Fees for hiring the property shall be in accordance with the scale of charges determined by the Committee.

4. The hire services shall be paid as follows: Where a booking requires a deposit, 25% on signing the agreement and the remainder NO LATER THAN 6 WEEKS PRIOR TO the event. If the booking is cancelled within 6 weeks prior to the date booked the whole fee is due. In any case the deposit is non-returnable.

5. The hirer shall not sublet or assign the hired property or any part thereof. Should he do or attempt to do so the hire agreement shall be cancelled and all fees paid forfeited.

6. No copyright work shall be performed without the license of the owner of the copyright and payment of any appropriate fee.

7. The hirer shall indemnify the Committee against any infringements of copyright which may occur during the hiring.

8. The hirer shall not use the premises for any purpose for which a license is necessary unless such a license is in force in respect of the premises.

9. The hire shall strictly observe the conditions of any license granted in respect of the property and the hirer shall be deemed to have notice of any conditions attached thereto.

10. No films shall be shown at the hired property unless permission has been granted.

11. No bolts, nails, tacks, screws, bits, pins or any other object or substance shall be driven into or fixed on ANY PART OF THE PROPERTY unless on notice boards provided.

12. The hirer shall be liable for damage caused to premises arising out of the hiring and shall indemnify the committee against all loss, whether direct or indirect, arising therefrom.

13. The committee accept no liability for damage or loss of the possessions of the hirer of any person resorting to the hire premises howsoever arising.

14. The hire shall not allow any animal to enter or remain in the hired premises, with exception of any assistance dog accompanying a person.

15. The hirer, during the period of hire, shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that no noise constituting nuisance to neighbouring occupiers is created.

16. The committee shall be entitled to cancel the hire agreement on receipt of a complaint of noise or any other nuisance arising at the property.

17. Where the hired premises form part only of the property, access shall be restricted to those rooms forming the hired premises.

18. Access to the hired premises shall be strictly restricted to the hours stated in the hire agreement, and the hirer should be liable to pay such additional fee as the committee prescribe if such hours are exceeded.

19. If the hirer fails to observe and perform any of the foregoing conditions the committee shall be entitled to cancel any other agreement that the hirer may have made, without incurring any liability to the hirer whatsoever other than the return of any fee paid, less the sum equal to 50% of the fee paid, which sum may be retained by the committee as liquidated damages for the loss of such engagements.

20. The committee reserves the right of entry to the hired premises for any authorised member of the committee and any police constable in uniform.

21. The hirer shall, at the expiration of the hiring, leave the hired premises in a clean and orderly state. It is now a requirement, due to Covid, that booking of the cleaner is a mandatory requirement.

22. Any notice, demand or request by the committee to the hirer shall be sent by ordinary prepaid post addressed to the hirer at the address give in the application form and shall be deemed to have been received when a letter concerning the same would be delivered in the ordinary course of post.